IEEE MIT Hack Medicina 2015


Joao Ribas

JoaoRibasJoao Ribas is a member of MIT Hacking Medicine. He is a PhD student developing his research at Harvard Medical School, MIT and BWH. There he combines engineering and medicine concepts to develop new organs-on-chip platforms for drug discovery, as well as new tech-based solutions for biomedical applications. Joao is passionate about translational research and entrepreneurship as a way of promoting innovation and leading to breakthroughs in healthcare worldwide.



Tatyana Gubin

TatyanaGubinTatyana Gubin is current co-director of MIT Hacking Medicine, an organization whose objective is to infect, energize, and teach healthcare entrepreneurship and digital strategies to attack and solve health problems globally. She is an MIT student studying mechanical engineering and pursuing medical device design. Her research at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and MIT includes the development of a faster tissue ischemia diagnostic device and low-cost, 3D-printed myoelectric prostheses, the latter of which are exhibited in the MIT museum. Through her work with MIT Hacking Medicine and her research, she seeks to bridge clinical challenges with rapid innovation.

Inscripción y Certificados

La participación en el IEEE Hack Med 2015 requiere de un proceso de selección para la conformación de equipos multidisciplinarios. La pre-inscripción finaliza el día 30 de Noviembre 2015.

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El evento emitirá certificados de Desarrollo Profesional acreditados por IEEE por un total de 12 hrs.

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