On August 15, 2010, a new possibility of registration in the IEEE was opened, this time at a very convenient cost for most countries in our region.

For only $54 annually, we can renew our membership and communicate to potential new members the benefits so that we can grow and have more and more technical services and activities.

Please find out about this initiative and try this new way to be part of the world’s largest professional technology organization, the IEEE.

In some steps, you can choose this option, and most importantly, you’ll have ALL the rights you can access without limitations. The only difference is that all material will be received online and, with this, the sending of the printed Spectrum Magazine will be reserved for traditional membresia.

You can choose one of two membresia options, classical or electronics, but think that this electronic membresia was created in part as a response to the concerns of members of Latin America and partly as a response from the IEEA, to facilitate that all humanity, without economic barriers, can access and participate in our institute, facilitate access to cutting-edge technology, not only in developed countries, but in regions such as ours, who have professionals with comparatively lower incomes than those developed countries.

The way to access a renewal is as follows:

In our region 9, all professionals who qualify as a member are entitled to this election, except students and graduate students, because in these two cases there are especially reduced rates even more than electronic association.
Go to the http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/join/emember_join.html
Keep your physical address and email handy and make sure they’re up to date
Choose ‘PROCEED WITH RENEWAL’ to complete payment and renew your membership
With electronic membership, special conditions (reduced income, if applicable) will apply only to technical societies and not to the IEEA.

For new members, the registration procedure is similar, but they must register their user (IEEE account or IEEE alias) in the same process according to the steps below:

Access http://www.ieee.org/membership_services/membership/join/index.html
Create your ‘IEEE account’ and register your username and password
Enter your address and requested data
Complete online payment and your subscription is ready

For more information, visit www.ieee.org and the list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS at:


It is very important your participation and commitment to achieve true professional growth of yours and colleagues who, like you, have chosen to be IEEE members. In addition to the benefits of belonging, they will have the option to actively participate as volunteers in challenging technological and educational projects. You’ll find many friends and colleagues who will help you grow professionally and always stay up to date.

We wish you the greatest success and we’re waiting for you at ieee. Do not doubt that it will be your investment in personal and professional development, and as a leader in this world where technology is changing so giddy and needs prepared and creative leaders.