The IEEE MTT-S Latin America Microwave Conference (LAMC) is the flagship MTT-S Region 9 conference on RF and microwaves. LAMC has a general scope on RF and microwave engineering and technologies and aims to achieve a very high level of technical quality. LAMC is a biannual conference that moves through different locations in Latin America. It normally takes place in the first or second week of December. LAMC is technically and financially sponsored by IEEE MTT-S.

LAMC typically includes the following topics of interest:

  1. Passive components, circuits, and devices (planar and nonplanar components and circuits, filters and multiplexers, tunable devices, and metamaterials).
  2. Active devices, circuits, and subsystems (RFICs & MMIC design, power amplifiers, linearization techniques, low-noise circuits, signal generation, conversion & control modules, linear and non-linear modeling and characterization).
  3. RF systems and applications (microwave systems and front-ends industrial scientific and medical applications, navigation systems, intelligent transportation systems, imaging, sensors, wireless power transmission).
  4. Communication systems (terrestrial, vehicular, satellite and indoor applications, wireless and cellular communication systems).
  5. Active and passive antennas (phase arrays, integrated antennas, smart antennas, digital-beam forming and MIMO).
  6. Signal-power integrity and high-speed digital techniques (EM interference and compatibility, high-speed interconnects, post-silicon validation techniques, power delivery networks, computer simulations and measurements).
  7. CAD techniques for RF and microwave engineering (surrogate-based modeling and optimization, space mapping-based methods, model order reduction, machine learning approaches, statistical analysis and design, EM-based and multi-physics design optimization, EM field theory, time- and frequency-domain numerical techniques).

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