IEEE Latin America Transactions Magazine

IEEE Latin America Transactions is a monthly  edited Journal focused on the dissemination of quality research papers and review articles (Reviews) written in Spanish or Portuguese in three main areas: Computing,  (Electric) Energy  and Electronics,  papers reporting emerging  topics or solving problems of Latin America are preferred. Some of the sub-areas of the journal are, but not limited to: control of systems, communications, instrumentation, artificial intelligence, power and industrial electronics, diagnosis and detection of faults, electrification of transportation, internet of things, electrical machines, microwaves, circuits and systems, biomedicine and biomedical / haptic applications, secure communications, robotics, sensors and actuators, industrial systems, computer networks, smart grids, among others.

Research articles must have either theoretical or technical contributions, with a great preference of experimental evidence. Special numbers of emerging issues of great relevance in Latin America are very welcome. The guidelines for the presentation of such proposals are shown here.

Review articles must have a minimum of 100 references and must be accompanied by a letter to the editor justifying the relevance of the manuscript, explaining how it differs from other reviews in the literature and how the profile of the authors is relevant to the Review. Review articles may also be submitted by invitation.

It is essential for the journal to have original works, so manuscripts with Plagiarism Percent Match greater than or equal to 40% are not candidates to be published.

To have more information about how to be part of the publications of this magazine you can access the IEEE Xplore page in the following link.

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