Council of Former Directors

The Council of Former Directors of the Latin American Region, is a consulting body, intended to support and collaborate in the management of the Regional Executive Committee, in statutory and regulatory aspects, as well as in administrative matters, assigned by the Regional Director.

This Council is made up of all former Directors of the Latin American Region, who are voting members in the IEEE. Their activities will be coordinated by the most recent former Regional Director.

The agreements and recommendations of the Board will be adopted by the majority of the former participating Directors, and all of them will be formulated in writing.

The following will be tasks of the Council:

  • Review and propose the update of the Statutes (ByLaws) of the Region, at least once every 5 (five) years.
  • Note any deviation from the current Statutes, which could be detected.
  • Those determined by the Regional Director.

The Council will not have its own funds, except those assigned by the Regional Director, for a specific project.



2022 - 2023Enrique TejeraPanama
2020 - 2021Alberto SanchezEcuador
2018 - 2019Teófilo RamosMexico
2016 - 2017Antonio FerreiraBrasil
2014 - 2015Norberto LerendeguiArgentina
2012 - 2013Gustavo GiannattasioUruguay
2010 - 2011Tania L. QuielPanama
2008 - 2009Enrique E. AlvarezPeru
2006 - 2007Luiz PilottoBrasil
2004 - 2005Francisco MartínezMexico
2002 - 2003Hugh RudnickChile
2000 - 2001Pedro RayPuerto Rico
1998 - 1999Juan Carlos MiguezUruguay
1996 - 1997Antonio Carlos BastosBrasil
1966 - 1967Guillermo AndrewsArgentina
1994 - 1995Hugo María Fernández VerstegenArgentina
1992 - 1993Eduardo Arriola ValdésMexico
1989 - 1991Luis T. GandiaPuerto Rico
1988Carlos E. Rodríguez B.Panama
1986 - 1987Sergio Eduardo FronterottaBrasil
1984 - 1985Ramiro García SosaMexico
1982 - 1983Eduardo Bonzi CorreaChile
1980 - 1981Oscar Carlos FernándezArgentina
1978 - 1979Carlos Rivera AbramsPuerto Rico
1976 - 1977Ruperto JiménezPeru
1974 - 1975José Roberto Costa de LacerdaBrasil
1972 - 1973Ernesto ObregónColombia
1970 - 1971Carlos A. LohmanBrasil
1968 - 1969Francisco HawleyMexico