IEEE R9 Regional Meeting 2024
7 - 9, March 2024
Paipa, Colombia
Estelar Hotel is the venue for the main IEEE R9 meeting.
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IEEE Region 9 RM will be held in the month of March, in Paipa – Colombia. It will be a meeting focused on strategy development, team building, and operations of the Region. Committees, Sections and Councils are invited to keep steering the future of the region, in the benefit of our members and humanity.

This year as well, YP and WIE meetings will be collocated with the RM. The objective is to consider a diverse point of view, as well as giving the YP/WIE chairs the opportunity to expand their knowledge and contacts within IEEE.

Let’s enjoy this important moment together.

See you soon in Paipa, Sumercé!


Place: Estelar Hotel / Paipa / Boyacá / Colombia
Address: Orilla Lago Sochagota, s/n, Paipa, Colombia
Hotel Website: Estelar Hotel Site

Airport: El Dorado International Airport
Airline Limit costs: IEEE R9 RM 2024 Airfare Limits

Schedule and Participation

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the event are available in the document: FAQ R9 2024 RM.