This series of Ethics Workshops was organized by the R9-SAC and the R9-EthicsC to raise awareness of Ethics amongst the R9 members, particularly students. These workshops address topics such as professional Ethics, Ethics implications of technology and the IEEE Code of Ethics (CoE). Every workshop involves the presentation of a topic and the discussion of example cases (real and fictitious) that can be linked to articles of the IEEE CoE. Every session has a duration of 60 – 90 minutes, starting at 18 PM GMT-5.

The program is the following:

S1: June 8 – Professional Ethics [Spanish]
Case Discussion:
The Citicorp Building Case (true case)
Quality Control or quality out of control?

S2: June 22 – IEEE Code of Ethics Explained (General – Sections and Articles) [English]
Case Discussion:
Electric Toaster (SEC)
Quality control or quality out of control? (IEEE CoE – Article 1)
Engineering Student Serving as Consultant to University (SEC, IEEE CoE – Article 3)

S3: July 20 – IEEE Code of Ethics Explained (Section 1) [Spanish]
Case Discussion:
Professional License (IEEE CoE – Article 6)
Confidentiality (IEEE CoE – Article 5)
A question of standards (IEEE CoE – Article 1)

S4: August17- IEEE Code of Ethics Explained (Section 1) [English]
Case Discussion:
Conflict of Interest (IEEE CoE – Article 3)
Foreign Exchange (IEEE CoE – Article 4)
Professor drones on and on … (IEEE CoE Article 5)
License Violation (IEEE CoE Article 4)

S5: Sept 21 – IEEE Code of Ethics Explained (Section 2) [Portuguese, Spanish]
Case Discussion:
Rude or Unethical? (IEEE CoE – Article 9)
Too Many Jokes or Harassment? (IEEE CoE – Article 9)
Hurtful words (SEC, IEEE CoE – Article 9)

S6: Oct 19 – IEEE Code of Ethics Explained (Section 2) [English]
Case Discussion:
Conference capers – and follow the money (IEEE CoE -Article 7)
Research not in progress (IEEE CoE – Article 8)
Committee Rules (IEEE CoE – Article 9)
Publish and be ..? (IEEE CoE Articles 5, 7 and 9)