LAEDC is a conference sponsored by the IEEE Electron Device society (EDS). Its main goal is to bring together specialists from all Electron Device related fields. The fourth LAEDC edition will take place in-person in Cancún, México and simultaneously virtual. The conference will be geared for students as well as young researchers. Its main goal is to bring together specialists from all Electron Device related fields. We are convinced that thanks to your significant accomplishments your presence will significantly add to the value of this growing conference.

Proceedings will be published by IEEE and the accepted papers will be available on IEEE Xplore. The best papers presented in the conference will be considered for publication in a special issue of the Journal of the Electron Devices Society.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
All electron based devices
Electron Devices for Quantum Computing
Semiconductor-, MEMS- and Nano-technologies
Packaging, 3D integration, Sensors and actuators
Display technology
Modeling and simulation
Reliability and yield
Device characterization
Energy harvesting
Biomedical Devices
Circuit-device interaction
Novel materials and process modules
Technology roadmaps
Electron device engineering education
Electron device outreach
Optoelectronics, photovoltaic and photonic devices and systems


 The Organizing Committee

General Chair: Edmundo A. Gutiérrez

Financial Chair / Treasurer: Mario Aleman, Fernando Guarín

Technical Program: Esteban Arias 

Liaison North America: Durga Misra

Liaison South America: Jacobus Swart

Liaison Central America and Mexico: Arturo Escobosa

Liaison Europe and Africa: Lluis Marsal

Liaison Asia: Hiroshi Iwai

Web master/Publicity: Pablo Moliterno

MOS-AK Chair: Benjamín Iñiguez

Publication Chair: Jean-Michel Sallese

Technical support: Danny Xie Li, Julio Francisco Bello Pavón.



The LAEDC 2022 Congress is organized by EDS R9.

The official email address  is

Site link is: