Student Branch, we invite to participate in the IEEE Regional Success Story Contest that the IEEE R9 SAC Team are launching at Region 9. We ask you to share this information with all students in your Section or Student Branchs.

Below, a summary of the contest:

  • You can send up to two success stories for Student Branch.
  • Format Success Story: Paper (attached) and poster (A1 format).
  • Paper Deadline: 31th August, 23:59 hs23:59.
  • Poster Presentation: Fair of Student Branches in RRR 2014.
  • Prize: Recognition plaque and certificate to the first three places.
  • Sending success story: Via email to concursosr9@ieee.org, copied to RSR (paola.beltran@ieee.org) and R SAC (augustojh@ieee.org).
  • Topics to present and considerations below.

Terms and conditions