Dear Region 9 colleagues,

Nominations are open for 2024 IEEE Region 9 Awards. This is a great opportunity to recognize the achievements of our distinguished members and volunteers. This year, we will continue using OpenWater for the nominations. This is the system used by the IEEE Awards Board, MGA and other IEEE major OUs, making it easier to apply to their awards.  

You can fill your nomination by clicking this buttom:  APPLY HERE  

Below you will find the available Region 9 awards. Please note that they have different deadlines:

IEEE Region 9 Eminent Engineer Award
Recognition to those members of Region 9 Sections that have contributed significantly to the promotion and development of IEEE fields. Deadline:January 20, 2024.

IEEE Region 9 «Oscar C. Fernández» Outstanding Volunteer Award
Recognition to IEEE Region 9 Volunteers who had an outstanding performance in their Section. Deadline:January 20, 2024.

IEEE Region 9 Best Achievement of the Year Award
Offered to the Section that, in the Region 9 Regional Committee´s view, has carried out a relevant activity in the year previous to the Regional Meeting that deserves recognition when applying the assessment criteria.
Deadline:March 4,  2024

IEEE Region 9 Outstanding Student and Young Professional Activities Supporter Award
Recognition to the contribution to the student and/or young professionals (YP) activities in IEEE Latin America.
Deadline. January 20, 2024.

IEEE Region 9 Meritorious Service Award
Recognition to the R9 members who, through their professional and technical capacities, have carried out outstanding contribution to the IEEE, its communities, profession companions and colleagues. Deadline: January 20, 2024.

IEEE Region 9 Outstanding Section Award
Recognition to the outstanding success of a Section when attempting to fulfill its goals in accordance with the IEEE policy through the organization of technical, professional and geographical activities for the benefit of members and through supporting the Student Branches and Chapters, Society Chapters and Affinity Groups within its geographic boundary. Deadline:February 19, 2024

Additional information regarding the awards can be found in the IEEE Region 9 Website:
Awards and Recognition – Region 9 Latin America and Caribbean (

Best regards,  

Alejandra Orellana
Chair, IEEE R9 Awards and Recognitions 2024-2025