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We invite all of you to the webinar «Smart Cities: from sustainable cities to smart cities».

The webinar will review some cases of smart cities and their progress in both cities: the established cities that are being modernized, and for those that are created as new cities. Of particular interest is the strong importance that has been given in the world to the smart grids (Smart Grid), where electricity networks with telecommunication networks merge.

The webinar will be next Thursday 16, April, at 20:00 hs. México (-5 GMT) and the lecturer will be Ignacio Castillo (IMC R9). The event will be via WebEx, you can registrer in and data connection can be find below this email. We will connect only one hour.

Regards, we hope all of you can participate.

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IEEE Computer Society | IEEE R9 SAC Team | IEEE YP R9

Smart Cities: De las ciudades sustentables a las ciudades inteligentes
Thursday, April 16, 2015
10:00 pm | S. America Eastern Time (Buenos Aires, GMT-03:00) | 1 hr

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