(Introduction and Forum: Effects of Gamification in the Society of XXIst Century)

  • When: Thursday, June 20, 2019, 20:00 (Chile time, GMT-4)
  • Speaker: Guillermo Sepúlveda
  • Transmission: Already issued. Watch on YouTube.
  • Language: Spanish


Since the advent of video games, the concept of "game" and the act of "playing" have changed. Its socio-cultural impacts have generated new possibilities, both at the level of game design and the proliferation of playful non-videoplayable experiences.

The commercial and cultural expansion of the game led to the progressive generation of a greater number of players, but also to a greater reproduction of content associated with the game.

The latter generated an unparalleled social-political overflow and expansion of the codes and categories of culture, commonly linked to gambling and leisure.

I call this colonizing phenomenon Cultural Gamification or Trans-gamification and it is about this that it is necessary to speak to know the deeper effects of this totalizing phenomenon.

Sebastian Sepúlveda

Master in People Management and Sociologist with six years of experience doing storytelling and teaching in Video Game Sociology & Gamification. He currently serves as Game Manager at BadgeHeroes, contributing to the design of fascinating gaming experiences committed to the professional development of people. In addition, he teaches at SEK University to video game developers.

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