(Analysis of the Games Basis, CORE)

  • When: Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 19:30 (Bolivia time, GMT-4) / 20:30 from Argentina
  • Speaker: Luis Daniel Canedo Canedo
  • Transmission: Already broadcast by our Discord channel.
  • Language: Spanish


Understand the basics of game analysis, understanding its primitive components. We analyze what are the basic components of the game, in the same way we observe the parts that make up it focusing on objectives and limits.

During the exhibition, the parts that make up it are explained, starting with the scenario basic objectives of the player, objectives of the game. Its limits are observed: both set by the stage and the given time, as well as the conditions of failure. After exposure, these differences are observed with various game genres, trying to understand the differences between the limits and the objectives they have.

This workshop is focused on participants starting to identify the different elements that make up a game, starting with the objectives, limits (rules) and their own elements. JTNDcCUzR

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Luis Daniel Canedo Canedo

Systems Engineer, he started gamification developing games and educational dynamics for children and young people as part of the Association of Scouts of Bolivia. Creator and developer of "Hypernormal", game focused on synergy of objects and dynamic constants with your environment, director of the Hypernormal team. Currently working on different projects focused on improving the development of video games in Bolivia and collaborating on their publication.

Mail: z[email protected]

FanPage: facebook.com/Hipernormal

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