IEEE/GRSS Senior Member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply. IEEE members can self-nominate, or be nominated, for Senior Member grade.

To be eligible for application or nomination, candidates must:

  • Be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive or originator in IEEE-designated fields
  • Have been in professional practice for at least ten years (with some credit for certain degrees)*

                                * Time in school counts as part of “Professional Practice for 10 Years”:

i) Three years for a bachelor’s degree in an IEEE-designated field

ii) Four years for a bachelor’s and a masters degree in IEEE-designated fields

iii) Five years for a doctoral degree in an IEEE-designated field

  • Have experience reflecting professional maturity in which significant performance** over a period of at least five of those years are shown

                             ** “significant performance” does not mean only special awards, patents, or other extremely sophisticated accomplishments and also includes:

i) Substantial engineering responsibility or achievement

ii) Publication records of good papers, books, methods or inventions

iii) Technical direction, or management of important scientific or engineering work, with evidence of accomplishment

iv) Recognized contributions to the welfare of the scientific or engineering profession

v) Development of important scientific or engineering courses

vi) Contributions equivalent to those of the above in technical editing, patent prosecution, or patent law, provided these contributions serve to advance progress substantially in IEEE designated fields

                                  Just remember that

a) Significant performance need not have occurred in the years immediately prior to the application

b) Life and Retired members are eligible for elevation

  • Supply three references from current IEEE members holding the grade of Fellow, Senior Member, or Honorary Member***

                          *** IEEE member numbers from notable Senior Members (however, please let them know in advance about your interest)

IEEE Membership Title GRSS' Senior Members Elevation' Year
2010494 Prof. Dr. Alejandro C. Frery (UFAL) 2013
93259680 Prof. Dr. Antonio M.G. Tommaselli (UNESP Pres Prudente) 2019
91166633 Prof. Dr. Fatima N. Sombra Medeiros (UFC) 2019
90725953 Prof. Dr. João Paulo Papa (UNESP Bauru) 2017
90881723 Dr. Jurandir Zullo Junior (CEPAGRI) 2016
3728185 M.Sc. Mario B. da Trindade (Star Energy Participações S/A) 2012
40084895 Dr. Mauricio G. M. Jardini (Contrel Engenharia S/S Ltda) 2012
6260137 Prof. Dr. Nelson D. Mascarenhas (UFSCar) 2017
92525309 Prof. Dr. Raul Queiroz Feitosa (PUC-Rio) 2017
85010191 Dr. Yosio E. Schimabukuro (INPE) 2019

How to Apply for Senior Membership:

Yes, you can apply for yourself. You just need three references (from the above list) and the application is done online

Click HERE and apply right now for a Membership elevation