Continuing the weekly series of the eight week introductory training on Godot Engine, we present the following series of videos dictated by Professor Gastón Caminiti.

You can download the project in initial state in this Github link.

The videos of the week cover the following topics:

Here you can see the first, second, third and fourth installments of the course.

We hope you find the resources useful and do not hesitate to share your experiences in our communication channels (on Twitter @ieeeagtc and on our Discord channel).

See you next week!



Game developer at Chatora Games. University Professor in Computing at the National University of Misiones. Technician in Videogame Design and Programming at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral.

Contact: https://gastoncaminiti.github

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COURSE Development of 2D platform videogames with Godot Engine

Presented by the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Autonomous University of Entre Ríos and the IEEE Games Technical Committee.

Starts on August 19 online.


Development cycle of a video game. 2D Platform Videogames. Video game engines (Engine). Godot Engine Basics. Game physics. 2D animations. Scripting. Level Design. Interfaces. Sound effects. Particle effects. Multi platform.

  • In charge of Prof. Gastón Alberto Caminiti.
  • Start: Wednesday, August 19 (online)
  • Through the GOOGLE MEET Platform

FCyT-CdelU students: $ 1300
GTC IEEE Members: $ 1500
External: $ 2000