As part of its actions, the society has organized and executed a series of educational and promotional events with the collaboration of its active members and special guests.


  • NEXUM meeting (November 2016). Transmedia, VR, Edutainment, Gamification.
  • ARGENCON 2016 (June 15-17, 2016). Organization of the game track and the scientific committee for that same track (
  • IEEE CIS UBA (24 April 2017). A comprehensive evaluation and unification of video game racing (UATECH, 2016).

  • WEBINAR 1: The transmedia problem (Durgan A. Nallar). Spanish
  • WEBINAR 2: The needs of an IEEE VJ company. (Daniela López De Luise, Nicolás Borromeo). Spanish
  • WEBINAR 3: Is there engineering in VJ? (Daniela López De Luise, Nicolás Borromeo). Spanish
  • WEBINAR 4: State of the Video Games Industry. (Kate Eduards, Nicolás Borromeo, Andrés Rossi, Martín Romero). English
  • WEBINAR 5: The Video Game Industry (Cecilia Barat). Spanish