The president of the IEEE Computer Society Chapter of the Colombian Caribbean Section, Hector Terán, embarked on an inspiring tour through the Colombian Caribbean savanna, aimed at introducing students and professionals to the abundant benefits of joining the Computer Society and the distinguished IEEE community.

During the visit, which took place between August 16 and 17, significant connections were established with key educational institutions in the region. In Sincelejo, at CECAR University, over 80 students from the Systems Engineering program gathered to discover the opportunities that IEEE offers as members of a Student Branch and the Computer Society Student Chapter.

«We are pleased to see how students have shown great interest in being part of the IEEE community and making the most of the opportunities provided by the Computer Society,» «The enthusiasm and active participation of students in events like IEEEExtreme demonstrate the commitment of this new generation of professionals to the advancement of technology and innovation».

Hector Terán.

The visit continued in Montería, where 10 professors from the University of Sinú had the opportunity to learn about the advantages of joining IEEE and how they can contribute as advisors and mentors to the Student Branches and Student Chapters. In addition, the president of the Chapter highlighted the expansion of the article submission deadline for the IEEE Colombian Caribbean Conference – C3, which has been extended until August 26.

The commitment and receptiveness shown by students and professionals during this tour reflect the importance and ongoing relevance of the IEEE Computer Society in the Colombian Caribbean. The IEEE community is committed to collaborating with talented youth and leaders in the field of technology, providing them with a platform to grow, learn, and contribute to the evolution of the technological landscape.