It was born as a teaching resource for the subject of Language and Literature, but soon extended its possibilities to other areas and interdisciplinary projects.

The bookgame as a teaching resource promotes student learning, the development of cognitive skills, the ability to understand and solve problems.

Designed from a STEAM perspective, to promote computational logical-algorithmic thinking, the bookgame is an excellent educational tool to build meaningful experiences, pose problem situations and generate behavioral changes in students.

Applicable for any area of knowledge and with students of any educational level.

  • Webinar transmitted: November 27, 2019, 20:00 (GMT-3)
  • Language: Spanish


Nahuel Morales


Professor of letters, a native of the Province of La Rioja, Mastering by the National University of Pampa in Teaching in Digital Scenarios. With experience in marketing, business administration, Gamification, web development and programming, audiovisual production, multimedia design.

In addition, he has dabbled in arts such as drawing and writing. I work the latter that has led him to share fiction publications with other writers from his province and the country. He has done research tasks as a student and as a teacher about emerging pedagogies, and specifically in educational gamification.

He has coordinated gamification workshops and has given talks for management teams about the potential of video games for education. He currently leads the Ludodidactas team in the creation of ICT-mediated Open Educational Resources, and among his most significant projects is the Development of Video Games for the revaluation of cultural heritage.

· Professor of language and literature.
· Game Designer.