Who we are

IEEE CIS Argentina Games Technical Committee is a non-profit organization, Argentine section of the IEEE Games Technical Committee, in turn part of CIS (Computational Intelligence Society) and its local branch, CIS Argentina.

Thus, it integrates the international engineering society IEEE, founded in 1884. Historic IEEE members include Graham Bell, Thomas Alva Edison and Ralph Baer, among others.

IEEE is dedicated to promoting the creativity, development and integration of different sciences, sharing and applying advances in information, consumer, electronics and science technologies in general for the benefit of humanity and the professionals themselves. It promotes development, finances projects, disseminates research articles, establishes certifications, standards and best practices.

GTC is oriented to the professional, academic and scientific areas of video games with the aim of formalizing and equating them to other industries. Among its proposals is the creation of careers with degrees, with agendas developed and approved by specialists from all over the world and with the endorsement of official entities. Also the definition of standards and best practices for the development of video games. It also encourages and disseminates scientific research from the different disciplines involved.

We invite you to know our objectives and actions proposed in the Manifesto.

Networking the world

We promote and formalize alliances with other entities. You can participate within GTC as a representative of a company or as an individual. There are three types of free open memberships (small table, active member, pa

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ssive member). See the FAQ.