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Standard Fest 2017

26 octubre 2017 @ 9:30 am - 27 octubre 2017 @ 4:30 pm EST

Co-sponsored by: IEEE Standard Association

El IEEE Sección Panamá en conjunto con la Asociación de Estándares del IEEE se complace en invitarlos al Standard Fest 2017. Contaremos con especialistas internacionales que nos explicarán algunos de los estándares más relevantes para las áreas de potencia y energía, computación y comunicaciones.

  • IEEE P1547

Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems Interfaces

  • IEEE P730

IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Processes

  • IEEE P1815.1

Standard for Exchanging Information Between Networks Implementing IEC 61850 and IEEE Std 1815 (Distributed Network Protocol – DNP3)

Speaker(s): Mary Lynne Nielsen, Ronald Farquharson


26 October

9:30-10           Registration                                     

10-12              IEEE Standards Association Overview and Special Programs

Mary Lynne Nielsen, Global Operations and Outreach Program Director, IEEE Standards Association

This session will provide information on the IEEE-SA, how its standards development process works and how you can participate from your home, and information on new emerging technologies work and special programs addressing ethics and technology.

12-1:30           Lunch

1:30-4:30        IEEE 1547, IEEE Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Energy Resources with Electric Power Systems

                      Wayne Stec, Principal, Distregen LLC; Co-Chair, IEEE 1547.1 Working Group

This tutorial will provide an in-depth introduction to IEEE 1547. Due to the increasing amount of distributed energy resource (DER) interconnections with the electric power system, the IEEE 1547 standard is going through a major revision to address some of the technical issues associated with high penetration of DERs, i.e., grid support functionalities, etc.

Participants will learn about the major changes to IEEE 1547, i.e., voltage regulation, response to abnormal system conditions (including voltage and frequency ride through), power quality, islanding, interoperability, etc. Participants will also learn about the utility concerns/solutions to adopt the revised IEEE 1547 standard.

27 October

9-12               IEEE 730, IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Processes

                     John W. Walz, 2017 IEEE Treasurer

This tutorial will provide an in-depth introduction and application of the IEEE Standard 730-2014, “Standard for Software Quality Assurance Processes.”

Due to the complexity of the software life cycle, the focus on risk, and the growth of agile software development lifecycles, IEEE 730-2014 has expanded from a brief plan outline into an integrated process. It functions not just as a prescriptive standard, but also as a descriptive guide/handbook.

The standard has requirements and guidance for initiating, planning, controlling, and executing the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) processes of a software development or maintenance project. The processes should produce evidence that forms the basis for a justified statement of confidence that the software product conforms to its established requirements.

The tutorial will cover the key concepts of SQA in Section 4 of IEEE 730-2014, the three groups of 16 SQA activities in Section 5 that are the essence of the standard, and various annexes, including product risk, SQA within the Agile lifecycle and CMMI lifecycles, and industry-specific guidance. Participants will also learn about the concerns/solutions to adopt the revised IEEE 730.

12-1:30           Lunch

1:30-4:30        IEEE 1815.1, IEEE Standard for Exchanging Information Between Networks Implementing IEC 61850 and IEEE Std 1815TM Distributed Network Protocol (DNP3)

                     Ronald Farquharson, Consultant, Mount Victoria Consulting


The introduction of IEC 61850 as part of a substation automation system (SAS) typically requires the use of a gateway for communication between the SAS and the control center SCADA master or EMS/DMS. Gateways for this purpose should be designed to use new standard, IEEE 1815.1, which was published in December of 2016 describing how to consistently (and automatically) map between IEC 61850 and IEEE 1815 (DNP3).

This tutorial introduces the concepts and methods described in this new standard. The workshop will review the principles by which both DNP3 and IEC 61850 manage their data and how these two worlds can interact with each other. In addition, recommendations on migration strategies leading to IEC 61850 will be discussed.

The workshop does not require deep familiarity with technical details of IEC 61850 or DNP3, but participants who already possess this knowledge will gain additional insight. The tutorial is intended for utilities, system-integrators, and vendors who are investigating or implementing IEC 61850 in North America or other locations where DNP3 is used.

Marriot Executive Apartments – Finisterre
Panama, Panama


City: Panama