Climate Change and Resilience Planning of Electric Power System

PES Webinar by Women in Power Founder – Dr. Shay Bahramirad, PhD

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The Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section Power and Energy Society consists of roughly 95 members including power engineering professionals, students, and associates in the Caribbean. Our chapter provides high quality technical meetings and technical courses to our members and non-members alike. Some of the topics that have been covered recently in our technical meetings include Grid Modernization, Energy Markets, Substation Automation and Arc Flash Safety. We also offer CEU/PDH accredited courses for continuing education in topics such as Energy Storage, Microgrids, Distributed Generation, Symmetrical Components, Equipment Testing and Commissioning, and Distribution and Substation Engineering.

IEEE PES Chapter Chair 2020 -2021 – Welcome message

NewsIEEE Region 9 Official Newsletter Article 

NoticIEEEro #116  (May/June 2020)

  • Article pages 16 and 17. “Actividades técnicas y eventos en línea delcapítulo PES (CH9023) Sección Puerto Rico y Caribe”.

Organizational Unit: PE31 (CH09023)

Our Chapter have a variety of technical visits, professional activities and continuing education for it’s members.

Student Resources

College students affiliated with the chapter can attend the IEEE PES Chapter courses for free. There are also several active Student Chapters.

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IEEE PES PR&C Section Chapter Board

Luis A. Tatis, BSEE, M.E.M

IEEE Senior Member, Section Treasurer and PES Chapter Chair 2020.

IEEE Puerto Rico and Caribbean Past Section Chair 2016-2017

Power and Energy society Endowed Scholarship Subcommittee member (2017)

Dr.Miguel Goenaga

PhD in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Full time professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Universidad Ana G. Mendez Gurabo 
Member IEEE, PES

Eng. William Rodriguez, PE

IEEE Senior Member Puerto Rico & Caribbean Section Secretary & Treasurer, 1987-1991

IEEE Region 9 Treasurer, 1991-93, Puerto Rico & Caribbean Section Chair, 1992-93

IEEE Standards Board NESC SC-8 committee member (actual)

About IEEE and PES

What is IEEE?

IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.


The mission of IEEE Power & Energy Society is to be the leading provider of scientific and engineering information on electric power and energy for the betterment of society, and preferred professional development source of its members.

What is the IEEE Power & Energy Society?

Available Funding Opportunities

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