Joint Chapter – Energy Industry Connections

IEEE R9 South Brazil Jt Chap, E25/PE31/MAG33/IA34/PEL35 – CH09335

The Joint Chapter – Energy Industry Connections was idealized in 2019 with the aim of connecting IEEE members involved with the Energy Industry in Brazil, including professors, researchers and students. Connecting with peers to strength synergies and share experiences is key for professional development as well as to overcome Industry challenges or improve its performance with advanced knowledge and technology.

Among the activities organized by the Joint Chapter are lectures, conferences, workshops, technical visits, training programs, etc. Check the schedule of activities to joint or propose and promote new activities to connect with peers in the Energy Industry.

Five societies are represented in the Joint Chapter: Education Society (E25), Power and Energy Society (PE31), Magnetics Society (MAG33), Industry Applications Society (IA34) and Power Electronics Society (PEL35); and it is hosted in IEEE Region 9 (Latin America) and the Section South Brazil.