La sección IEEE Uruguay y el capitulo de Comunicaciones Uruguay, con la colaboración de la Asociación de Ingenieros del Uruguay, tienen el agrado de invitarlo a los eventos del mes de Julio auspiciados por ANTEL.

Tutorial on line sobre tecnología LTE (Lomg term Evolution), tecnología de vanguardia a nivel mundial competidora de WiMAX Mobile en 4G.
2 horas de duración en Ingles.
Fecha: miércoles 22 de Julio
Hora: 10:30
Lugar: Torre de Antel Edificio de Clientes Tercer Piso.

Sin cargo para funcionarios de Antel y para miembros IEEE.
Por inscripciones de no socios ni funcionarios de ANTEL : [email protected]

Detalles del Tutorial
Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is the next step in the evolution of UMTS cellular networks. LTE will turn UMTS into a high-data rate, low-latency and packet-optimized mobile broadband system.

A comprehensive introduction to LTE technology and test requirements. The tutorial starts with background information regarding the motivation for introducing LTE, and then gives a detailed explanation of the technology basics including physical layer parameterization, radio procedures, MIMO, and network / protocol architecture. Typical test and measurement challenges encountered during verification of chipsets, terminals and infrastructure, and network deployment are outlined as well.

Tutorial sobre IPTV
2 horas de duración en ingles
Fecha: Miércoles 29 Julio
Hora: 10:30
Lugar: Torre Antel Edificio de Clientes, Tercer Piso

Sin cargo para funcionarios de Antel y para miembros de IEEE.
Por inscripciones de no socios ni funcionarios de ANTEL: [email protected]

Detalles del Tutorial
IPTV is generating huge interest in the telecom industry lately. By offering video over their access infrastructure, Telcos hope to match the voice, video and data («triple-play») offering of Cable providers. However, unlike Cable TV systems that are typically analog broadcast transmissions, IPTV uses IP-multicast over point-to-point hybrid Fiber/DSL infrastructure that while enabling more efficient networks, is also causing Telcos growing pains in field deployments.
In this tutorial, we will provide an overview of the network architectures and will highlight the various tradeoffs (e.g., channel change latency vis-a-vis compression technology). We will focus on hardware and software technologies from the service provider core to the home — multicast transport, DSL technologies, MPEG standards and home-networking requirements such as the IPTV set-top box. Finally, we will also review the regulatory issues faced by Telcos, and describe the various lifestyle services such as «CallerId-on-TV» and converged voice-video applications that provides IPTV its cutting-edge differentiation

Les saludan muy atentamente,
por sección IEEE Uruguay, Ing. Miguel Aumento
por Sociedad de Comunicaciones Uruguay, Ing. Gustavo Giannattasio