En la página web principal de la BTS (Broadcast Technology Society) se destacó a Maria Simon como «BTS Profile of the Month» («Perfil BTS del Mes»).

Asimismo, en la sección «Featured Event» («Eventos destacados») aparece URUCON junto con las tres conferencias que la BTS aportó al evento.

A continuación se encuentra la biografía de Maria Simon y la entrevista que aparecen en la página de la BTS (en inglés).

«Maria is a founding member of IEEE BTS Uruguay Chapter. She is the Dean of the School of Engineering of Universidad de la Republica, the largest and ancient university in Uruguay. She has also been in that position in the past, from 1998 to 2005. Maria has been National Secretary of Education and Culture (Head of the National Ministry of Education and Culture) in Uruguay as well as President of national telco ANTEL. She also works actively in research, having published papers at IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting and at IEEE BMSB.

1. How long have you been an IEEE BTS member?

​I am member of the IEEE BTS from the beginning of the Uruguayan branch, in 2013. I worked in broadcasting aspects since many years.​

2. What does it mean to you to be member?

​It is an opportunity to share knowledge in a very active branch, which has not only technical aspects, but is also a key factor for information, culture and democracy. We have published a paper in the Transactions, on digital television.

3. Why do you stay?

​Because of the same reasons, and also to give this insight to our students.​»