El próximo lunes 20 de marzo a las 14:00, en el salón verde de la Facultad de Ingeniería (720, séptimo piso del edificio central de FING), el Prof. Alejandro Otero dará una charla sobre la integración de modelos climáticos, energías renovables y Smart Grid, en el marco del proyecto «Cloud Computing for Smart-City Energy Management».


Climate models, renewable energy and smart grids

«Simulating the interaction among wind turbines, wind farms and the environment is a complex task due to phenomena spanning 6 orders of magnitude in spatial and temporal scales. In this talk I will present the underway work at the Computational Simulation Center for Technological Applications (CSC-CONICET) with the goal to study the different scales of the problem. We aim to have a set of interchangeable models that could be combined with different accuracy and computational cost. The methodology chosen in each case will be commanded by the requirements of the practical application. One key component in the proposed strategy is the climate model used to predict external weather conditions. This climate model output also provides information that could be useful for estimating generation by other renewable energy sources or, even, power demand.

In the second part of the talk, I will outline the smart grid strategic project at CSC-CONICET. In this project we will focus on the development of an advanced power network simulation platform. The information provided by the climate models will be incorporated as an ingredient of smart grid management in this modeling tool.»