The IEEE Region 9 Nominations and Appointments Committee (N&AC) is accepting applications for candidates to the Region 9 Director-Elect 2020-2021 (Region 9 Director 2022-2023) position.

The nomination deadline is October 15, 2018 and all the necessary documentation should be received by October 30, 2018.

From October 31, 2018, the N&AC will examine the proposals received and make its recommendation of the pre-candidates to Region 9 Regional Committee, for approval and the selection of candidates for the 2019 elections, at the 2019 Region 9 Regional Meeting.

Region 9 N&AC is composed of the immediate past director (Antonio Ferreira [Brazil], the three most- recent Regional Directors (Norberto Lerendegui [Argentina]), (Gustavo Giannattasio [Uruguay] and Tania Quiel [Panama]), and two additional non-past-director members, appointed by the 2018 Regional Committee (José Durán [Peru] and Rene Trejo Orduña [Mexico]).


Candidate requirements

The Regional Director-Elect elected by members in Region 9 shall reside in the Region, be a Senior Member Grade or higher and have experience in regional activities, either through participating in the Regional Committee or Chair of Section/Committee. The candidate should know IEEE beyond the limits of his/her section.

Since candidates will represent Latin America and Caribbean, they should be able to express their ideas in the English language when working as member of the Board of Directors (BoD) or the Member and Geographic Activities Board (MGAB).

Obviously, the vocation of service is crucial, but it is also necessary to have enough time to devote oneself to serving selflessly to meet the requirements of the Region, the different Sections, as well as the Members in general. It is essential to have a good dose of enthusiasm, leadership and creativity and great ability to create consensus.

By criteria of rotation, explicit in Regional Bylaws and that have been historically respected, candidates cannot be presented from countries represented by the Region Director-Elect, Region Past-Director and the Region Director in office (Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico). Also, after completion of the term of service as Region 9 Director, individuals shall be ineligible to serve a second full term.

The person elected will serve for a period of two (2) years as Region 9 Director-Elect (2020-2021), two years (2) as Region 9 Director (2022-2023), and finally two (2) years as Region 9 Past-Director (2024-2025).



The following process will be used by the Nominations and Appointments Committee (N&AC) to prepare the list of candidates.

1. Any member of Region 9, preferably a volunteer of the Regional Committee, may propose candidates for Region 9 Director-Elect position. The nominator must provide the candidate’s qualifications, short biography and will to serve. Nominations must be presented in English, in the IEEE Region 9 Director-Elect 2020-2021 – Nomination form and shall be received by the N&A Committee by October 15, 2018, 12:00PM UTC/GMT – 4, by e-mail to or

2. Upon reception of proposals, the N&AC, will ask each candidate for a biography, a statement of plan and program for the performance of duties and a letter confirming the desire to serve, as it is indicated in the IEEE Region 9 Director-Elect 2020-2021 – Complete candidate information.  This documentation will have to be submitted by the candidate by October 30, 2018. Since this document will be sent to the IEEE headquarters, the information must be presented in English.

3. After collecting all nominations, the N&AC Committee will select not less than two (2) and not more than three (3) potential candidates whose names will be submitted to the Regional Committee for consideration in the next regional meeting (2019). The chair of the Nominations Committee will inform the Regional Director on its recommendation preferably before the end of 2018. The Regional Director will then inform the nominees and members of the Regional Committee on the decision of the Nominations Committee.

4. Candidates, evaluated but not selected by R9 Nominations & Appointments Committee, can be nominated no later than ten days prior to the 2019 R9 Regional Committee meeting if the signatures of eleven voting members of the R9 Regional Committee accompany the nomination. Nominations shall be submitted to a designee specified by Region 9 Director, who will promptly inform the R9 Regional Committee members of those nominees qualifying under this provision.

5. The Regional Committee will receive the list of the proposed qualified candidates for the Director-Elect position before the Regional Meeting 2019 (RM2019). For each candidate, there will be a biography, IEEE activities record, plan and program and the letter confirming the desire to serve.

6. The Regional Committee, by secret voting during the plenary session of the RM2019, will select a slate of a minimum of two and maximum of three preliminary candidates, who will be the candidates recommended by Region 9. Region 9 Director shall submit this slate to the Board of Directors by March 15, 2019.



Please refer to the Process Section to have more information about the Nomination form and the Complete Candidate Information form: