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IEEE EDUCATION WEEK WEBINAR: AI, VR, AR, XR, Digital Twins, Metaverse, applications and real examples

April 17 @ 11:30 pm - April 18 @ 12:30 am

The webinar Develops the concepts of Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Twins and Metaverse. The webinar details the characteristics and benefits of such technologies with emphasis on relation among them to sustain new applications and the impact and challenges they represent. An extensive list of real cases explain the actual benefits of Metaverse in Industry, Healthcare, Education, Events and Smart Cities. The IEEE TEMS Engineering Management Review Publication Call for Papers is presented to encourage researchers and practitioners to submit their papers. This EMR special issue solicits articles from researchers, academicians, industry practitioners, and policymakers to publish the latest developments in the metaverse. As a recognized expert in the area, their insights and perspectives will be invaluable in providing a comprehensive understanding of the metaverse´ss technical intricacies, challenges, and opportunities. Such contributions will help readers of the publication to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape A list of reading recommendations, Publications, Webinars and Metaverse events complete the webinar with information to enable participants to go deeper in the subject. Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/415636