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ARGENCON 2022 – First CIS Chapter 20th anniversary celebration

September 7, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - September 9, 2022 @ 9:00 pm

This event has three parts: a) Lecturer: James M. Keller (CIS President) Title: “Streaming Data Analytics: Clustering or Classification?” As the volume and variety of temporally acquired data continues to grow, increased attention is being paid to streaming analysis of that data. Think of a drone flying over unknown terrain looking for specific objects which may present differently in different environments. Understanding the evolving environments is a critical component of a recognition system. With the explosion of ubiquitous continuous sensing (something Lotfi Zadeh predicted as one of the pillars of Recognition Technology in the late 1990s), this on-line streaming analysis is normally cast as a clustering problem. However, examining most streaming clustering algorithms leads to the understanding that they are actually incremental classification models. These approaches model existing and newly discovered structures via summary information that we call footprints. Incoming data is routinely assigned crisp labels (into one of the structures) and that structure’s footprints are incrementally updated; the data is not saved for iterative assignments. b) Lecturer: Santiago Segarra Title: “Graph Neural Networks with Applications to Wireless Communications” As the availability of relational data continues to grow, graph-based modeling and processing techniques have become a mainstay in the current research landscape, cutting across fields of knowledge. Drawing from graph signal processing, in this talk we provide a first introduction to graph neural networks (GNNs), emphasizing their properties and connections to classical signal processing and machine learning. Furthermore, we present several applications of GNNs in wireless communications. More specifically, we discuss the use of GNNs in conjunction with algorithmic unfolding for quasi-optimal power allocation and distributed link scheduling. c) Special celebration event: CIS President salutation, video recorded compilation with worldwide salutation. Co-sponsored by: Universidad Nacional de San Juan and Universidad de Palermo Speaker(s): James Keller, Santiago Segarra Bldg: Edificio Central, Mitre 396 Este , San Juan – Argentina – (J5402CWH), San Juan, San Juan, Argentina, Virtual: https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/319002