José Durán
Gustavo Soto
Ronny Cabrera
Michael Cabanillas
Óscar Durán
  • Develop activities to promote continuous quality improvement and accreditation of professional training programs offered by educational institutions in IEEE Region 9.
  • Disseminate and promote the use of IEEE resources and programs related to the accreditation of professional training programs.
  • Promote the creation of new IEEE HKN Honor Society Chapters in educational institutions with accredited programs.
  • Promote the visibility of IEEE initiatives related to the accreditation of professional training programs, such as the Lima Accord and the creation and improvement of accreditation agency capabilities in IEEE Region 9.
  • Work in conjunction with technical societies (e.g., IEEE Education Society) and other IEEE Region 9 organizational units to disseminate and promote the use of programs aimed at improving educational quality.
  • Report periodically on the development and results of activities to the Regional Director.

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