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Noviembre 30, EVENTO ONLINE


November 30 in virtual mode.

The IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Argentina together with the Games Technical Committee will hold on Monday, November 30 the ninth edition of the Regional Computer Intelligence Tournament as a pre-congressional activity of ARGENCON 2020.

The TRIC is the oldest event of IEEE CIS Argentina, started in 2002, with more than 200 attendees and 40 awards presented. The tournament considers the works on the computer intelligence track, video games, Edutainment, Gamification and Serious Games, and recognizes the merits and/or originality of the works presented.

The TRIC will present workshops, samples and other activities related to the topics mentioned with the participation of professionals, researchers, teachers and students.

The TRIC is open and free to all audiences and will be done in a completely virtual way.

Please register to participate in workshops, samples and activities. These will take place between 14 and 20 hs.


Schedule of Activities

11:00 – 12:30 a.m.
Workshop: TRANSMEDIA DESIGN. Creation of content and feasibility of projects.
A workshop that will explain what the transmedia content production technique consists of and how it is performed. The purpose is to take it as a tool to generate viable projects related to different disciplines. Transmedia narrative is a marketing technique used by large entertainment companies to gain visibility and audience retention. Lately, it is also being used for education and cultural industries.

Durgan A. Nallar: Vice-Chair of IEEE Argentina Games Technical Committee, research professor at Universidad Maimónides. Game Designer and author of the books in the Game Design collection in Latin America. Ludorama Editor: Game Science.

Cecilia Barat: Vice-Chair of IEEE Argentina Games Technical Committee, Director of School of Game Design LA, producer of transmedia content at Level Up! Transmedia, professor of Fine Arts.

11:00 – 11:40 a.m.

Presentation of the KRONOS Mobile project, a predictor of risk levels of vehicle and pedestrian traffic accidents.

lter Bel: Researcher and teacher at UADER FCyT, within the IDTI Lab, Bachelor of Information Systems and Doctor of Computer Science.

11:45 – 12:30 a.m.
Presentation and demo: PTAH Chatterbot: Processing of Procedures through Spanish Spea
king Assistant

Chatbots belong to a large family of software robots whose goal is to establish a dialogue communication from an interface, simulating human interactions. Most of the proposals in the field aim to solve various limitations of automatic natural language processing. The PTAH project implements a model capable of answering questions about academic regulation in Spanish. The prototype is in beta, as there are specific technical details to be solved so that the bot understands alternatives in answering certain questions. Its development implements an original combination of morphosynctic wavelets with similarity search techniques and certain machine learning strategies.

Andrés Pasc
al: Master in Computer Science with Database Guidance. Professor in the Programming Area (Programming Paradigms, Syntax and Semantics of Languages, Advanced Data Management) and researcher in Databases (non-traditional, multimedia), Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots. GIBD UTN FRCU.

Claudia Alvarez: Specialist in Computer Science with Database Guidance. Teacher of the Programming Area (Algorithms and Structures of Data, Syntax and Semantics of Languages, Paradigms and Languages) and researcher in Natural Language Processing, Chatbots. IDTILab UADER FcyT – GISI FRCU.

Juan Santa Cruz: Research fellow GIBD UTN-FRCU.

Carlos Pankrac: Research Fellow GIBD UTN-FRCU.

14:00 – 14:45 a.m.
Conference and showcase: DEVELOPING EXPERIMENTAL VID

We'll talk about how to approach experimental video game design and show a selection of prototypes made by students.

bastián Blanco (Papa): He is a Systems Engineer and directs the Experimental Video Game Laboratory (LIVE) of the Inter-American Open University. Sebastian also develops video games in his studio called PapaCorps. He exhibited at events like AMAZE!, INDIECADE, ESUG Conference, Game On: Art at Play, EVA. He collaborates in the organization of the Experimental Gameplay Workshop session of the Game Developers Conference and in the EVA PLAY space of the Argentine Video Game Exhibition. 

14:00 – 3:35 p.m.

In this workshop we will learn about the fundamentals of isometric 2.5D video game development and how to develop some essential components in Godot Engine: player, enemies and map. The meeting is constituted under a theoretical-practical approach, where participants will be invited to work with Godot Engine and to make their own isometric scenes. If you're interested in an introduction to the engine, we recommend the IEEE GTC introductory series on Godot Engine.

ometric projection in video games.Isometric Tiles. Calculation of 2D positions. Application on Godot Engine. TileMap and Tileset settings. Grid-based movement. 2D navigation and pathfinding. A-star.

Gaston Caminiti:
University Professor in Computer Science (UNaM). Technical in Video Game Design and Programming (UNL). Developer of independent video games in Chatora Games, professor of video game development at UADER and writes in Ludorama, magazine dedicated to the science of the game.

14:50 – 4:25 p.m.

To delve into the ludonarrative world, we will design gameplay and analyze its diegistic elements and educational content. We will activate the neurons of creativity to get into the process of building a game book, socializing our proposals and reflecting on its potential as an educational resource.

esentation of GameBook + gameplay and analysis of the elements.
Playbook construction activity in PowerPoint based on preloaded template. Socialization and invitation to put it into practice.

Nahuel Morales
: Co-founder of Ludodidactas and the Gamified School Project. Professor of Letters, researcher, writer, cartoonist and Game Designer. Producer and Director of ChangosMotion. Official of the Ministry of Education of the Province of La Rioja, in charge of the production and direction of the television educational program "We are in the School". Creator of the educational resource Bookgame. Officer member of IEEE Argentina – Games Technical Committee.

3:50 p.m. – 4:25 p.m.

We'll look at a real case. How prioritizing feedback on an airline using video game techniques ceased to be an 18-person job to engage the more than 54,000 employees.
sto Miguel Vargas: Systems Engineer at UTN FRRe, Master in Business Administration at the University of Chile. Professional with more than twelve years of experience in the software development industry, focused mainly on the Airline and Video Game sector. He currently works as Chief Technology Officer at Globant Chile

.Se will deliver certificates and awards.

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