Performance study of a photovoltaic system operating on the southeastern coast of Brazil

Performance of Photovoltaic Systems on the Southeastern Coast of Brazil.

The study examines the performance of a photovoltaic system on the southeastern coast of Brazil, a region with high population density and economic activity. Despite being located near sources of atmospheric particles and gasses, such as freight transportation and ports, the photovoltaic system was not affected by these conditions. The results exceeded simulations, highlighting the importance of local operational maintenance.

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Mangrove semantic segmentation on aerial images

Semantic Segmentation of Mangroves in Aerial Imaging: Application of Deep Neural Networks and Remote Sensing.

The use of deep neural networks to detect and quantify mangroves in aerial imaging was explored in the Yucatán Peninsula to address computer vision challenges in the field of remote sensing. Specifically, the study focus on the detection and quantification of mangroves in remote image sensing, employing transfer learning and fine-tuning with three distinct deep neural network architectures: SegNet-VGG16, U-Net, and Fully Convolutional Network (R-FCN). Results evaluate the performance of each architecture by defining key evaluation metrics such as precision, sensitivity and accuracy.

Read the full article in the issue May 2024 from Latam Transactions.